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We're a unique peer-to-peer lending service that liberates trustworthy borrowers from their debt cycle through consolidation, motivation and mentoring.

Greed. There, we said it.

The problem with most financial products and institutions is that they focus on one thing only — making a profit. But that’s not what motivates us at QuidCycle. We’re driven by people, and finding a sound, practical and ethical way to help hardworking households in tough economic times, when everyone’s feeling the pinch.

We’ve built our business model by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Cripplingly high interest rates make it impossible for people to banish their debts. But on the other hand, people with savings are getting such little interest that their money is shrinking in real terms. We’ve found a way to break this vicious financial circle, by bringing the two parties together.

Peer-to-peer lending is a bit like crowd sourcing. It has been around for nearly ten years, and is a very safe, secure way of sourcing money. People who have a little extra cash in savings accounts invest a small portion of that money by lending to people who need it, and get 4%-6% interest back.

We also support and educate our borrowers, teaching them how money works and how to make money work for them. Ultimately, we want every household that comes to us starting their journey with debt to end up being a lender, earning interest and helping others with their debt. There’s a certain pleasing symmetry to that.

Not just lending but making a change

We don’t just provide a lending platform:

  • We have a strong ethical objective to get families out of debt
  • You will get access to borrowers in our Debt Elimination programme
  • Enhanced credit scoring algorithms provide lowered risk
  • If needed, get automatic protection through our Provision Fund (6 times expected default levels)

Not just borrowing but debt elimination

This is the most attractive complete proposition for our customers:

  • QuidCycle terminates existing credit lines, reducing risk of return to maxed out credit cards
  • QuidCycle provides support where needed throughout the entire life of loan, including online financial training and reviews
  • Regular cash incentive bonus provided by QuidCycle to help borrowers stay on target with their repayments.

Our story is your story.

QuidCycle was set up by Frank Mukahanana, an investment banking professional turned financial adviser. In helping families get their finances in order, he became ever-more frustrated by the standard products at his disposal, and decided to develop a new and better way himself.

QuidCycle stories give an account of the positive impact of our debt elimination plan and the great investment opportunity that our peer-to-peer lending service represents.

Case study thumb 1
Lending – The easy way

QuidCycle offered Robert somewhere secure and ethical to put his savings...

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Case study thumb 2
Borrowing – A helping hand

“We needed to get our debt under control”

Read Peter and Jenny's story
Case study thumb 3
Borrowing – A helping hand

“After realising just how much interest I paid on my credit card, I knew there had to be a cheaper option”

Read Joe's story
Case study thumb 4
Lending – The easy way

“I see great returns on what I lend and I can help a family back on it’s financial feet”

Read Melanie's story
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